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I grew up on the East Coast and moved to the Midwest after college. You'll find me doing sessions in both places. I love to travel and will find any excuse, especially taking pictures, to do so. My husband is always in my corner and is 100% supportive of everything I pursue. You'll likely see him tagging along with me to photo shoots. I have a hound dog name Duke who spends most of his day sleeping on the floor next to me while I edit pictures. I'm a sucker for meaningful quotes that remind us about everything that matters in life. I constantly look for the positive and relish all of my family and friends.

through loss i have learned:

        life is precious.

We all have different experiences in life that make us who we are and shape our lives forever. For me, losing my Mom at 18 taught me that time with our family and friends goes quickly - but photographs help us to remember these moments forever. 

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cooking   •  jager   •  road trips   •   scrabble   •  brother   •  vacations   •  family   •  pineapple upside down cake   •  amazon prime  •  311  •  sleeping in  •    bagels  •  grilling  •  TRAVEL  •  DIVE bars

Laila: treats • naps in the sun • getting pet • chasing her sister • stuffed animals • showing off her toys

LILY: treats • long naps • hunting prey • swatting your feet